Web Presence and Online Branding Packages

Web Presence and Branding Packages. Connecting you with your clients by enabling you to become an exceptional brand online. maharaja professionalz  dr maharaja sivasubramanian

Web Presence and Branding Packages.
Connecting you with your clients by enabling you to become an exceptional brand online.

It’s more than having an online presence. It’s about being a brand and be able to promote, market and sell effectively.

The world is becoming better connected, thanks to technology and everyone is now jumping into the bandwagon of having a better online presence both personally and professionally.

As such, people are going online for two major reasons:
– Professional goals.
– Personal goals.
And the above two needs create a situation where the online presence is also about having an online brand, especially the professional goals.

So what are you going online for? Why are you creating an online presence? Why should you create a professional online brand? How will it help your products and services?

Promotions and branding. For being able to create an awareness of your brand among people in both online and offline areas through online media.
Marketing. It is about being able to add value, creating rapport, belief and trust and belief with the prospects and customers, and leading to sales.
Selling. Online is a wonderful medium to be able to sell your products and your services.
Better customer experience. Prospects and customers can be given a better experience, info about the products and services, customer support and education, etc, through online channels itself which they can get access to from their place of comfort. The whole professional experience can be done in a virtual manner.

Are you having an effective online branding? Is your online presence delivering you the expected results in terms of promotions, marketing, branding and sales? How can you assess it?

– Are you satisfied with the results your online presence?
– When people search about your products, services or brand name, what do they come across? Is it proper and increasing your brand value?
– Are there other people and brands in your industry who are having better results in terms of promotions, marketing, branding and sales through online channels? How effective is it an indicator for you that you can achieve similar or better results through online experience?

Promotions, marketing, branding and selling is an evolving process.

When I started with all my brands, which operate more in the service industry, being able to promote, market and brand was an important goal to be met. It is even now, as all those are continually evolving stuff and not just one time process. And I had to do it in a way which is also cost-effective and deliver higher results. And the answer I found was in achieving all those goals through online channels.

Why online branding and web presence for marketing, promotions and sales? How will it deliver the results for you? How will it help you become a leader and a winner?

Works round the clock. The online presence is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and as such you can deliver value and achieve results at all times.
Wider and faster reach. The whole world is connected online and as such sitting from any place in the world, people can get access to you through online and you will be able t connect to them and serve them too.
Highly cost-effective. Compared to other communication channels, online presence is much cost-effective and efficient.
High leverage. The content you put up online will be there for a longer time and can be used again and again. Like for example, if you want to share an update with your customers or announce something important, other medias will have its own restrictions which are easily overcome by online media.
Share in multiple formats. Text, video, images, animations, audio, etc. The most versatile channel of communication.
Do it live, do it quick. All online processes can be done in a quick way and in a live manner, delivering results in the now.
Get results of all other activities. Marketing, promotions. branding and selling can happen through various methods. Word of mouth, demo, expo, door to door canvasing, email campaigns, sms campaigns, advertising, newspapers, business cards, networking, etc. All the prospects and customers through these models and channels can be lead to your online presence, to your website and blog, where they get to have more information, get served better and deliver you increased results.
Deliver better customer experience and service. Educate your customers, share info about your products and services, share info about how your customers can achieve the results they want using your products and services, answer their questions, etc.

And all these can be achieved by having an effective online branding solution which is customized based on your exact needs.
At Maharaja Professionalz, we offer you online branding solutions which is strategically based on your needs. Which focuses on exactly what you want and helps you to develop a strategic and tactical plan in a way which will serve you the results the way you are looking for.
We offer a unique solution, which is a mix of training your own people and staff, or even if you want to out-source the project, and providing you with backup solutions as and wherever needed.

No one solution fits all. We engage in first understanding with what exactly your personal or professional brand needs in terms of having an online branding and presence experience and how we can help you in delivering the value you offer to your market, your prospects and your customers. And then, based upon that info, and taking into consideration about factors like your staff availability, budget, etc,  we will focus on creating an online branding and presence solution best suited for your growth and development.

Do check in the packages below and contact us using the form below for more info and service.

Wishing you great success.

Individual Web Presence & Branding Consultation.

Online presence may help you achieve your goals, and branding yourself (your products, services, organization) will give you a competitive advantage in the market. And as such, you need to have a clear idea as to,
– what type of web presence and branding will be best suited for you?
– what will be the required amount of work you may have to do?
– what are the resources you will need?
– how can you phase out your online presence?
– how much of time you need to invest for establishing and developing your brand online?
– what type of promotional, marketing and selling techniques you may use?
– how to design these in a way suitable for you?

Individual consultation sessions to strategically plan and execute your web presence and branding.

Investment: INR 3,000 per session of 75 mins.

Web Presence and Online Branding plus package

Advanced package for developing your brand online. This is a joint training program combining the services of KASH Maharaja and Maharaja Professionalz. This one year training package includes;
– Blog style website creation training.
– Training to set up and run your own blog.
– How to create static pages and blog posts?
– How to schedule your blog posts and publish them regularly?
– How to leverage concepts of social media, SEO, SEM, online branding and marketing techniques to create a brand for your site?
– Email marketing methods including techniques of permission marketing, e-newsletter marketing, etc.
– Basic SEO techniques to have a presence in search engines.
– How to create online launches?
– How to market, promote, brand and sell your products, services, organization using online technologies? Creating a blueprint and execution plan for online marketing and branding.
– Basic blogging package plus (Value INR 15,000).
– 24 Peak Performance Coaching sessions (recommended 2 sessions per month over one year) to develop your professional brand. (For more information on peak performance coaching, click here.) (Value INR 72,000).
Investment: Total Value INR 87,000
Single Payment : INR 60,000 (savings of INR 27,000).

Installment options available;
– Two half-yearly payments of INR 35,000 each.
– Four quarterly payments of INR 20,000 each.
– 12 monthly payments of INR 7,000 each.