Online branding for students

Online branding for students. Empowering you as a technology enabled student and assisting you in your career path. maharaja professionalz  dr maharaja sivasubramanian

Online branding for students.
Empowering you as a technology enabled student and assisting you in your career path.

Online presence is becoming important for everyone and as such it is always good to have an early start when you are a student itself to develop your online presence.
As a student your online presence will be helpful for you to;
– collect and share your notes.
– share information.
– expressing yourself.
– sharing your projects, ideas, etc.
– writing on a topic of interest, be it a hobby, or be it on your professional aspect.
– your own online resume.
– student startups.
– and many more.

I started my online presence in the form of having a simple website and being able to share my notes and whatever information I could post. By the time I finished my graduation, my website brought me a good income in different forms. It helped me developing a professional identity in my professional areas. In fact you can read my story as to how I developed and how Maharaja Professionalz developed as a online branding service provider here.

And as your online branding consultant I will be able to coach you and help you develop a career path and make the best of your professional beginning.

It’s no more ok to be a student, now is the time for you to become a student leader.

And by student leader, it refers to being a leadership material as a student, a valuable asset for yourself and for any organization and for the society. Today in the world of technology and growth, and taking into consideration factors of competition, there is a need to stand out and show an distinction as a student. It is your responsibility and a fundamental need in today’s new world with changing professional environment.

Online branding, the new channel for career growth.

Employment opportunities for students is becoming a tough call nowadays with heavy competition and one of the best ways to create an impact and show a compelling differentiation to your prospective employers and for your customers if you are planning to start on your own, and to others is by having a valuable online presence which can be used to express how valuable a person you are and to create a demand for you.

At Maharaja Professionalz, we offer you online branding solutions which is strategically based on your needs. Which focuses on exactly what you want and need, and helps you to develop a tactical plan in a way which will serve you the results the way you are looking for.
We offer a unique solution, which is a mix of training you, and providing you with backup solutions as and wherever needed.

We engage in first understanding with what exactly your business needs in terms of having an online branding and presence experience. And then, based upon that info, and also taking into consideration about factors like your technical skills, budget, etc, we will focus on creating an online branding and presence solution best suited for your growth.

Do check in the packages below and contact us using the form below for more info and service.

Wishing you great success.

Student powered plan
Powering your student online presence, this is the entry-level, basic package for the following needs;
– Students with IT knowledge.
– Need only hosting and domain registration.
– Temporary service needed for projects.
– Plus, many more.

Student powered plus
For students who want an intermediate plan which offers them the following features to shine better as a student with a well crafted online presence.
– Hosting and domain registration.
– Interface for offline and other projects.
– For online resume.
– For professional website.
– Plus, many more.

Student to professional
The ultimate package for students who want to create an online presence which they can use as a student and get benefit from as they grow on to become a successful professional.
– Hosting and domain registration.
– Create your own blog.
– Have an online resume.
– Tap into various social media and professional media networks for better career prospects.
– Learn blogging.
– Have your own online identity.
– Use the power of networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, google plus, twitter, YouTube, job portals, etc.
– Showcase your talent and ability portfolio in form of videos, infographics, etc.
– Network online for better career prospects.
– Plus, many more.