Online branding for small businesses

Online branding and web presence for small business  promoting marketing branding and selling for your products and services enabling you to become an exceptional brand online maharajaprofessionalz maharaja professionalz  dr maharaja sivasubramanian

Online branding for small businesses
Promoting, marketing, branding and selling through online media for your products and services.

Online branding for different corporate entities, which is customized to suit your needs.
The main areas where corporate people, especially small biz, face issues in terms of having a challenge, or having a major scope of improvement, in today’s scenario are;
– Marketing.
– Promotion and publicity.
– Branding and gaining market share.
– Getting more clients and generating more sales and profits.

And all these are combined with few major challenging aspects like;
– Cost cutting and profit maximizing.
– Need to cut overhead.
– Having increased competition.
– Decreasing margins of profits.
– Losing out on repeat customers.
– Lack of qualified staff to be able to support with various activities like marketing, customer service, etc.

Running three brands across three different industries, I also had a similar issue, the same questions to answer about how I am going to be able to go on and meet all the above mentioned and other challenges. However, finding the solution was easy for me, for I had the knowledge to be able to achieve a lot of those through online branding and having a well established, online presence.

What are the various choices to have an effective system to be able to promote, market, brand and sell for corporates today.
Get the qualified man-power and let them handle the job. Well, though this is a very good way of looking as a solution choice and still is one of the best, how much of it is feasible in today’s world. Especially when employers now have to face with two major challenges;
– Lack of well-trained and qualified man-power.
– Employee turnover, where trained or qualified employees are being attracted by competitors, or chosing to start-up on their own.

Outsource the project completely. Another good choice, especially when the required talent is less. Again, cost factor and less amount of service providers are a challenge, though it can be overcome too.

So, where does the new wave of market leadership moving.

Now, if you want to have better clients, make more profits, have a check on overhead costs, have better market share and more customers, then the following things need to be really looked on at a very important level:
Effective marketing and customer service. Before, during and after the sale, with increased focus on customer education and empowerment.
Use of new technology. Especially having an online presence which is now becoming more of a mandatory thing.
Promoting and branding at a wider and deeper level. The market reach needs to be increased. Especially, reaching out to a wider audience. And also having multiple points of contact with the customer. Nowadays, customers rarely buy from being approached for marketing once, they need to be connected to multiple times and through multiple channels.
Adding value. One thing which customers are really focused is the value they are getting. And if the value is good, in terms of service or results, then they are even ready to pay extra, and this is something which need to be given real importance to.

Online branding, how it really helps.

Online branding when done in a proper way, gives in the following benefits:
Having a website. What is your website? It is more like a virtual store for you where people can come in for having more info, being able to know more about you, what you are offering and for being able to contact you.
Having a blog. Where you can constantly update valuable info, share about new arrivals, new products and services, update about your growth, and of course focus on customer service where you can educate them on how to use your services and products in a better way.
Having an online social media presence. The online networking sites. That is where your customers are, where they meet, share, discuss regularly about a lot of stuff and to a certain extent even about your products and services.
Deliver customer service. Whether you deal with products or services, your customers are looking forward for better customer service and that is a key area where you need to deliver.

And all these can be achieved by having an effective online branding solution which is customized based on your exact needs.
At Maharaja Professionalz, we offer you online branding solutions which is strategically based on your needs. Which focuses on exactly what you want and helps you to develop a tactical plan in a way which will serve you the results the way you are looking for.
We offer a unique solution, which is a mix of training your own people and staff, or even you if you are a one man biz, and providing you with backup solutions as and wherever needed.

No one solution fits all. We engage in first understanding with what exactly your business needs in terms of having an online branding and presence experience. And then, based upon that info, and taking into consideration about factors like your staff availability, budget, etc, we will focus on creating an online branding and presence solution best suited for your business growth.

Do check in the packages below and contact us using the form below for more info and service.

Wishing you great success.

SMB powered

The special package for small and medium businesses with host of features including;
– domain registration and web hosting.
– You will get a domain registered with various extensions.
– Extensions available are, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name, .cc, .tv,, .in,,, and other extensions.
– Domain registration with web hosting
– email ids for your professional use.
– and other facilities.
– Creation of basic WordPress based website and blog with 5 pages designed at the beginning and provision for 2 pages or posts which can be updated every month for one year.
– Basic SEO including submission to basic search engine sites and directories.
– Regular updates of back-end programs like WordPress software and other plugins.

SMB powered plus

The special package for small and medium businesses who have staff within their organization whom they can engage in their online development activities.
– You will get a domain registered with various extensions.
– Extensions available are, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name, .cc, .tv,, .in,,, and other extensions.
– Domain registration with web hosting.
– Email ids for your professional use.
– And other facilities.
– Creation of basic WordPress based website and blog.
– Basic SEO including submission to basic search engine sites and directories.
– Training of your in-house staff for maintaining your online presence in some of the top channels and platforms like your web-site, blog, online social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.