Online branding for professionals

Online branding for professionals enabling you to showcase your professional expertise and to connect with your clients to help you in becoming an exceptional brand online to help you connect with your clients better using online media to promote market brand and sell your products services and organization online maharajaprofessionalz  maharaja professionalz  dr maharaja sivasubramanian


Online branding for professionals.
Enabling you to showcase your professional expertise and connect with your clients.

Market-share and Customer outreach are main aspects which determines profitability and winning edge in the professional sector. And yes, if you are a self-employed professional or a solo-prenuer, your professional success is dependant on how much you are able to reach to your customer market and how much are you able to serve them.

Having an online presence will surely help you in serving your customers as a professional in a better way where you will have the following advantages;
– be able to market to a larger audience.
– connect with your clients in a better way.
– showcase your products and services.
– share your credentials, expertise, information, advice, etc.
– become a thought leader.
– plus many more.

Hi, my name is Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, and I am a professional like you, who started my journey more as a self-employed and made a transition to become a solo-preneur. And, I can share with you from my experience, and also from other experienced professionals, if you want to achieve high success as a professional, it is all about becoming the leader in your market.

Success and Leadership in the new age as a professional or a solo-preneur:

Your success as a professional depends upon how much value you are able to deliver to your market, both in terms of quantity and in terms of quality.
How much you are able to serve your customers, the better will be the results you are going to achieve as a professional. And as such, serving your customers has three major components which are to be taken care of;
– Client acquisition. Being able to reach out to a wider audience and lists of prospects. Having a wider base of prospects gives a better chance of being able to have better clients.
– Customer service. Adding value to customers is very important during all stages of selling; pre-sales, during sales, and post-sales. And it can be easily done by sharing more value nd knowledge on how you can help your clients achieve the success they want to achieve.
– Sales. How much you are able to sell determines your results in terms of business growth. And this is a very important factor to look in, for as a professional if you are not selling anything, then you are not making any money.

Web presence and Online branding, a tool to your professional success:

With increasing growth in technology and increase in the connections and sharing in the online world, you will succeed in being able to presenting yourself to an increased number of prospects through having an online presence.
Having a website or a blog will help you to share info and add value. Share info in terms of;
– What people who are looking for professionals like you need to know before they begin to work with one.
– For your customers, what information will help them to increase their success levels.
– And, what information will keep the results you have delivered in a sustainable way and be able to take your customers to the next level.
All the above goals can be achieved by having a website and a blog where you are able to share the info and then progress to having a social media presence where you can make the message get viral.

In short, web presence and online branding is going to give you promotions, marketing, branding and sales; in a cost-effective way and a wider scale.

All it takes is to have an effective online branding solution which is customized based on your exact needs.
At Maharaja Professionalz, we offer you online branding solutions which is strategically based on your needs. Which focuses on exactly what you want and helps you to develop a tactical plan in a way which will serve you the results the way you are looking for.
We offer a unique solution, which is a mix of training you, and providing you with backup solutions as and wherever needed.

We engage in first understanding with what exactly your business needs in terms of having an online branding and presence experience. And then, based upon that info, and also taking into consideration about factors like your manpower availability, budget, technical expertise, etc, we will focus on creating an online branding and presence solution best suited for your professional growth.

Do check in the packages below and contact us using the form below for more info and service.

Wishing you great success.

Who is this branding package for?

– Service providers
– Doctors
– Counsellors
– Self employed
– Consultants
– Freelance trainers
– And other individual professionals.

Professional powered plan
The basic plan for professionals who are trained in IT technologies and need just hosting and domain registration for their website.
– Professionals with IT knowledge
– Need only hosting and domain registration
– Plans from INR 2,500

Professional plus
Supporting professionals, the advanced package to help you to connect with your clients in a better way using online technologies.
Features include;
– Web hosting
– Domain registration
– Blogging training using WordPress
– Blog maintenance
– Website maintenance
– Business emails
– Organic SEO
– Social media presence
– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn
– Google+
– YouTube
– Newsletter service
– Google maps
– Search engines submission
– Video blogging
– Creating infographics
– Hosting and domain registration
– Create your own blog
– Have an online resume
– Tap into various social media and professional media networks for better career prospects
– Learn blogging
– Have your own online identity
– Use the power of networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, google plus, twitter, YouTube, job portals, etc
– Showcase your talent and ability portfolio in form of videos, infographics, etc
Plans from 10000 INR