Online branding and digital marketing workshop with Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
at Chennai on 16th and 17th May, 2015.

A primer workshop which will help you in understanding different aspects of online branding and digital marketing which you can leverage to be able to promote, market, brand, and sell, your product, service, offering, brand using online and digital medium.

Hi do you want to have a better online branding and digital marketing?
Do you want to be able to promote, market, brand and sell your product, service, offering using online and digital medium?
Are you a solopreneur, consultant, freelancer or small business owner or marketing and sales professional who wants learn how to do cost effective marketing using online branding and digital marketing?
Do you want to learn about content marketing which is going to become the future of online branding and digital marketing?

Welcome to the online branding and digital marketing workshop

In this workshop you will be learning about understanding;
Online branding.
Digital marketing.
Marketing in the new age as compared to the old age.
Dr Maharaja’s 5 step online campaign model.
Blogging and content marketing.
Search engines and how you can do effective SEO.
Effective usage of social media (SMO).
Understanding the different types of paid online and digital marketing
Applying value marketing through online and digital media.
10+ formats of content and being able to apply 50+ types of content.


Hi I’m Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. and I want to share about a life changing discovery I made in 2007. I had a lot to share, a message which I want to spread, a business to build, with very low money. And through my experience and practical application I could leverage the Internet to achieve all the same.

If you are a person who has a message, who is offering a product or service, wants to build a unique business around your passion, I’m sure you’re looking for cost-effective channel that could bring maximum results to your work. This     program will equip you with all the basic tools and techniques to achieve all those results and introduce you to otherwise much unknown powerful tools and methods of online branding and digital marketing

In this workshop I’ll be sharing with you the same set of tools and techniques which has given me the results and helped me to run my own online marketing in a very low budget.

Let us now understand each of the module in a better manner and also what is the benefit you will be getting by attending each of the modules.

Understanding online branding and digital marketing:
In this module you will be understanding about online branding and digital marketing and what are the different ways you can brand yourself and market yourself, your products and your services and your offering. You will also be able to identify what are the different fads of online branding and digital marketing and be able to use tested and proven online marketing and branding tools.

Understanding marketing in the new age vs old age.
Over the past few years technology especially online as a platform has changed how businesses operate and how service providers and customers interact with each other. Here it is very important and vital for you to understand how marketing has changed from the olden days to the current day the way marketing happens. Thus you’ll be able to market in a way where your customers will appreciate about your offering and you’ll be able to generate higher profits, better clients and better business in an easier manner.

Dr Maharaja’s 5 step online campaign model:
Are you planning to run an online campaign. There are many ways of running online campaign using paid tools and also free tools; using paid technologies and free technologies.
This 5 step model will teach you on how to make the maximum money and profits and leverage on your online marketing and campaign so that you don’t lose or leave money on the table and earn the maximum and generate higher, profitable business and attract better clients.

Understanding blogging and content marketing.
In this model you’ll be learning about blogging. Well it has long been established, there are a lot of serious blogger make a lot of money with some even earning millions just by creating blogs from their home or from elsewhere. Here you’ll be learning how to do blogging, what are the different platforms through which you can do blogging and also about how blogging can help you to drive in more leads for your business and generate more sales.

Understanding search engines and understanding social media.
There are different search engines which have been driving online traffic for long time like Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine , etc and also different social media has been providing platform like Face book, Twitter, Linked in, Google plus, etc. In this module you’ll understand how effectively ensure where you’ll get maximum coverage in search engine and also how you have better engagement in social media.
You will also be able to identify by the end of this module as to which social media or the hierarchy of the social media sites which will help you for your business and for your offering.

Understanding content marketing and applying value marketing in online and digital media.
Nowadays customers want more value than previously they were given. If you are a service provider who is in need to provide much better value, this module will teach you how you can deliver much more value than what is expected or what your competitors may be offering by using the concept of content marketing and value marketing.
These modules will give you the techniques and tips on how you can position yourself as a better expert or in higher position compared to your competitors. It will also help you to develop a connection with your clients and customers where they see you more as a well wisher rather just a seller. And you will also be leaning how you can improve the results your clients get from you and how you can achieve it by using the content marketing.

Understanding the 10+ formats of content and 50+ types of content.
In this module you will be understanding different formats and types of content so that you will be able to give a variety of content to your clients and at the same time be able to prioritize and understand and know what are the different types in which you can serve content and results for your clients. By attending this workshop you‘ll be learning how you can improve your marketing not only on your brand positioning not only from online perspective but also from offline perspective for some of the tools and techniques can also be applied offline.
You will also be able to be effective and efficient in your online marketing activities by a minimum of 20% and more; which will in turn generate you better business results.

The workshop is priced at Rs 10,000 per participant. Along with the participation for the workshop you will also be getting the following bonuses.
A 1 hour one to one consultation with the facilitator (within 15 days of the workshop on prior appointment). Value Rs 5000 where you can fine tune your learning and also you can plan next set of actions post the workshop in a better manner.
Access to a special exclusive social media group for the next 2 months where you can further discuss and learn about the concepts of online branding and digital marketing.
Access to an online resource library having resources on hypnosis and self development online branding and digital marketing and also on other topics of life, career and business.

If you register for this workshop you will be getting the workshop plus all these bonuses for the same price of Rs 10,000.
If you register and confirm your seat before the workshop by 12th May, 2015, then you will also be sent a pre-training material and questionnaire which will help you to have a better learning experience during the workshop.

To register for this workshop send an email to drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com or call +91-9841118294
Discounts are available for group participants.
Register for this workshop immediately.

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To register: Contact 9841118294
email: drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com

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Enabling you to become an exceptional brand online and helping you to connect with your clients. Assisting you in promoting, marketing, branding and selling through online branding.

– Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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